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Gretty 1.1.9 is out!

Gretty version 1.1.9 is out and immediately available at github, bintray, maven central and gradle plugin portal!

Gretty version 1.1.9 introduces full isolation of it’s own logging system (slf4j/logback) from the constituent web-applications. Now web-applications are free to use any logging system – Gretty does not interfere and does not force logback to be used.

Also Gretty 1.1.9 solves problems with farm configuration when farm is defined in the parent project and web-applications are defined in child projects.

At last Gretty 1.1.9 includes upgrades of the following components to their latest versions:

  • jetty7: 7.6.15.v20140411 -> 7.6.16.v20140903
  • jetty9: 9.2.3.v20140905 -> 9.2.7.v20150116
  • selenium: 2.44.0 -> 2.45.0
  • spock: 0.7-groovy-2.0 -> 1.0-groovy-2.4
  • tomcat7: 7.0.55 -> 7.0.59
  • tomcat8: 8.0.15 -> 8.0.20

Gretty is a feature-rich gradle plugin for running web-apps on embedded servlet containers. It supports Jetty versions 7, 8 and 9, Tomcat versions 7 and 8, multiple web-apps and many more. It wraps servlet container functions as convenient Gradle tasks and configuration DSL.

A complete list of Gretty features is available in feature overview.

Complete sources of Gretty are here:

Complete documentation on Gretty is here:

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