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Concurrent Kitties Using GPars

Stuff I've learned recently...

On today’s Groovy Podcast, I mentioned that I was teaching a Groovy training class this week at Research Now in Plano, TX. That’s not how I said it, though. I said that I was broadcasting live in front of a studio audience and that they were the most amazingly awesome group I’ve ever encountered.

(Yeah, okay, sometimes I shamelessly pander for good evals. I’ll let you know if it worked after the class ends. Unless it doesn’t, in which case I probably won’t.)

During the podcast, I told my inestimable co-host, Peter Ledbrook, that we got a chance to use GPars in class. The app we used it on was all about the primary goal of the internet, which is to display cat pictures.

Peter then shamed me into writing a blog post about it, which you’re reading now.

I’ve actually written about this app before, for another client…

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