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Firefox 23: Javascript is always ON

From Firefox 23 Release Notes:

“Enable JavaScript” preference checkbox has been removed and user-set values will be reset to the default

YESSS!!! javascript is now always ON, it is not even possible to turn it off! Other browsers, unite!
Bureaucrats will probably have to reconsider what they mean under Barrierefreiheit.

Cargo-Culting in Javascript

Cargo-Culting in Javascript

Nice article. Somewhat opinionated, but fun to read.

jQuery sash (splitter) plugin

Task: you want to split your web-page into resizable panels. Users may drag splitters between panels left and right, up and down – adjusting the whole view to their liking. Also it should be easy to hide/show individual panels, together with their splitters.

Problem: how to do it with as less code as possible, so that you write:

$("#parentDiv").sash({ content1: "div1", content2: "div2" });

and the rest is done automatically?

Solution: use jQuery Sash Plugin.

See here: jQuery Sash Plugin online example
and there: jQuery Sash Plugin source code and documentation


JQuery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“focusable” behavior

Task: Suppose, you want to create web-page with few areas. Each area has multiple inputs. When focus “belongs” to a particular area, it is indicated with some CSS and area captures keyboard navigation.

Problem: how to manage focus transfer within the area (that means, between inputs of the area) and between areas – with as less code as possible?

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