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Serving jokes locally with Ratpack and MongoDB

Very entertaining way to learn Ratpack and MongoDB!

Stuff I've learned recently...

In twoprevious posts, I discussed applications I created that were simple client-side front ends for the Internet Chuck Norris Database (ICNDB), located at This post gives the details of the local server I created, using Groovy, MongoDB, and the cool Ratpack project (note new URL). The earlier posts contained parts of that app, but since then I’ve updated it to the latest version of Ratpack, revised the gradle build file accordingly, added a couple of integration tests, and checked the whole thing into GitHub.

I often use ICNDB in my Groovy presentations, because it’s easy to access, returns a simple JSON object, and is rather amusing.

(This, by the way, is in direct contrast to Mr. Norris himself, whose politics are somewhat to the right of Attila the Hun. Still, I only care about the jokes themselves, which are pretty funny.)

Accessing the site is…

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